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900 miles from home. Kid's car won't start. What it really takes to fix it...

Here is how the story unfolded…

My cell phone rings at 6:45am with the unique ring that signals one of the kids is calling. A shot of adrenaline gives me a quick jump start.

“Mom, my car won’t start. I need a jump.”

I mumble in my head, “Okay. Not sure what I am supposed to do at standing in my kitchen 900 miles away from your car." I am finding it a little difficult to process what is going on because I just fired up my Keurig and the little blue "not ready" light is still flashing.

She continues. “I don’t have my AAA card on me. What is our account number?”

Should I bother beating a dead horse? Would asking the obvious, “Why is your card not sitting right behind your driver's license in your wallet for occasions like this?” serve any purpose at this moment in time? To keep it simple, I retrieve my card.

“Ready, here is the number…1-800-xxx-xxx.”

“Thanks. Bye.”

“Bye. Have a better afternoon!”

One minute later, she calls back, “That’s not the number.“

I snap back, “Yes, it is! I read it right off the card.”

“Mom, since when does AAA answer the phone, “Live talk with exciting people?!”

“Wait a minute. Let me get the card again.”

I can’t believe what I did next…Say it ain’t so.

I went to the junk drawer and rooted around for the magnifying glass that belonged to my parents. I kept that thing around for sentimentality's sake, never thinking I would ever have to actually use it.

Darn, if that “6” didn’t look like a “8”!

With a little help from this old “tool” that is totally new to me…I gave her the correct number and got her on her way.

As I downed my first cup of coffee, I asked myself…

"Maybe it was the glare of the card that blurred the numbers?"

"Maybe it was the time of day that blurred the numbers?"

"Maybe it was…no, no way!"