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“I am not old and decrepit!…I am not old and decrepit!”

“How old do you feel inside?”

That was not a question I was planning on asking myself at 6:30am…but, it caught my attention as I paged through the newspaper this morning. It is a wonder that I actually saw it since I blame my blurry vision on not age, but, having to get my eyes “warmed up” for the day.

In the article, “How Old Do You Feel Inside?” (Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz /Tribune Newspapers), Harvard University psychologist Ellen Langer states: “What we want to do is not get older people to think of themselves as young, but to change their mindsets about what it means to be older,” Langer said. “And being older doesn’t have to equal decay.”

I am not in denial. I am getting older but am I “decaying?”  Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? I will do my best to not, as defined by Webster:

1) “rot”

2) “deteriorate”

3) “fall into ruin.”

To work with this process…bring on the supplements and the Fiber Choice!

And it can’t hurt to lend some support to the outside!

Thank goodness, my attitude is not in a state of decay. I am having a fabulous time creating and doing things those twenty/thirty-somethings dream of doing!

Stay tuned!


To read the entire article: “How Old Do You Feel On the Inside?” by Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz /Tribune Newspapers) How do you feel inside?