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  • Need to Trade In Your New Year’s Resolution for a New One?

    Can't give up the chocolate? Can't quite make it to the gym? Need a replacement resolution quick? I borrowed this one from a monkey!

  • “I am not old and decrepit!…I am not old and decrepit!”

    Aging is all about attitude? Working on the inside and outside can't hurt...

  • KYA Boot Camp: Week #4 – The Bed or the Bell?

    They are dropping like flies!

  • KYA Boot Camp: Week #3 - Are You Kidding Me?

    I am not sure how my back, my shoulders and my knees are going to respond to this latest appendage.

  • KYA Boot Camp: Week #2 - Learning the Lingo!

    I ask you...Is it counterproductive to circle the parking lot more than once looking for the closest parking spot to the door of the gym?

  • KYA Boot Camp: Week #1-What Have I Walked Into?

    Heading out to Boot Camp (Week #1). Cleaning out the entire basement and attic is more appealing to me right about now.

  • KYA Boot Camp: "Not for the faint of heart!" Do I dare?

    Were the stars aligning or was it the perfect storm?

  • 20 Days into the New Year...

    How is your resolution to work out working for you?