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  • You want unique, fun, motivational and inspiring?--Invite Lynn to be your speaker!

    Lynn McPhelimy is the best-selling author of "In the Checklist of Life" and a frequent media guest expert on organizing. Appearances and interviews include The Oprah Winfrey Show, NBC's TODAY show, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS [1 hour special], New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Woman's Day, Bottom Line Health and Bottom Line Personal. --A high-energy, humorous storyteller, Lynn has been invited to be the keynote speaker, seminar and workshop presenter to diverse audiences in corporate, healthcare, financial, educational, legal, armed forces and faith-based sectors. Topics of discussion include: Organizing, Downsizing, Life Planning, Time Management, Aging, Caregiving and Communication.

  • “Do You Want To Be Left with Questions or Answers?”--PART 1

    What we did have was today. More precisely, we had now. We were going to make the most of it. Time was measured quite differently now. Five minutes was very precious.

  • Snap Judgement. UnSnapped!

    "Purple flats...no way!" I thought, that is, until I cast my eyes upon..."

  • This is a great habit to have!

    Catch up with old and new friends. Get back in the habit!

  • When Upside Down is Right-Side Up....

    What is this world coming to? When I was a kid....this would not be happening.

  • Need to Trade In Your New Year’s Resolution for a New One?

    Can't give up the chocolate? Can't quite make it to the gym? Need a replacement resolution quick? I borrowed this one from a monkey!

  • Be that ray of sunshine for someone today!

    Because you never know what someone might be going through...

  • Play "Are You Talking to Me?"

    I hear voices...and so can you! Play "Are You Talking To Me?" Randomly pick a number between 1 and 114. Scroll down and see what fabulouso quick starter advice for 2014 awaits you!

  • Ready! Set! Goal!

    Sip away at this!

  • “I am not old and decrepit!…I am not old and decrepit!”

    Aging is all about attitude? Working on the inside and outside can't hurt...

  • 900 miles from home. Kid's car won't start. What it really takes to fix it...

    Say it ain't so...

  • Sometimes our friends give us advice…

    Sometimes our friends give us advice…and sometimes we have to look elsewhere!

  • Doesn’t Much Matter that You Feel Like a MooMoo in your MuuMuu!

    Extreme heat and humidity have a way of kicking vanity right to the curb!

  • KYA Boot Camp: Week #4 – The Bed or the Bell?

    They are dropping like flies!

  • KYA Boot Camp: Week #3 - Are You Kidding Me?

    I am not sure how my back, my shoulders and my knees are going to respond to this latest appendage.

  • KYA Boot Camp: Week #2 - Learning the Lingo!

    I ask you...Is it counterproductive to circle the parking lot more than once looking for the closest parking spot to the door of the gym?

  • KYA Boot Camp: Week #1-What Have I Walked Into?

    Heading out to Boot Camp (Week #1). Cleaning out the entire basement and attic is more appealing to me right about now.

  • KYA Boot Camp: "Not for the faint of heart!" Do I dare?

    Were the stars aligning or was it the perfect storm?